Wild Egg Hogs

My goodness! My gracious!” they shouted. “My Word! It’s something brand new! It’s an elephant-bird! And it should be, it should be, it should be like that! 
- Horton Hatches the Egg 

Vicky writes:

I'm an illustrator living in Lewisham who painted one of the giant easter eggs that are on display in central London (the Big Egg Hunt).

I just wondered if this was newsworthy at all and whether you are interested in having a feature on the Big Egg Hunt on your blog? [Ed's note: Anything with a Lewisham Egg Hog in it automatically goes to the top of the pile].

The Big Egg Hunt is an interactive art exhibition for all the family with over 200 specially designed giant eggs that have been created by artists, designers, jewellers, architects and a few famous faces. The Big Eggs are hidden all over central London from 21st Feb- 3rd April.

Members of the public are encouraged to download maps and hunt the exclusively designed eggs. The hunt aims to beat the Guiness world record for the biggest Easter Egg hunt and raise funds for the Elephant Family and Action for Children (through the auctioning off of the eggs).

There's also a competition to win a golden egg and a shop full of egg hunt goodies in Selfridges. My design (Egg Hog) is hidden somewhere in the Trafalgar Square map zone.

Missing giant Faberge eggs, scattered about London are, of course, something of a First World Problem. In the time it's taken you to read about the Lewisham Egg Hog, ten Egg Hogs in the developing world have died through your inaction. You sicken us.

Vicky's work is currently on show at the Brockley Mess gallery.

- Full disclosure: London & Partners, is a client of Edelman's (BC's employer) and a partner of the Big Egg Hunt. We look forward to the conspiracy theories for this one.


Mb said...

Nick is hatching yet another plan, or is it a diversionary tactic designed to scramble our minds?

Tamsin said...

I loved the Elephants (stumbled across my file of the photos I took of their final round up in front of Chelsea Hospital.

This sounds even more fun.

Like the concept of a cockney Egg 'og too.

Anonymous said...

I bought 6 lovely battery eggs last night, they went down lovely with my tea.

Anonymous said...

Haven't some been stolen? There is one in Jubilee park and one in the Jubilee Mall at Canary Wharf, probably more further west.

humpty said...

My friend also did one which has been really badly vandalised, and essentially ruined. Only a bad egg would do that...

Tamsin said...

Or Brockley foxes.

Vanishing Point said...

You sicken us.

Glad to have you on the right tracks. Head for the end where they converge.

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