Free WiFi at London Overground stations

London Overground and WiFi network provider The Cloud have teamed up to offer free WiFi access at every Overground station (though not on the trains).

Brockley, New Cross Gate, New Cross and Honor Oak will be among the stations covered by the deal, with the first stations being upgraded this summer. All 56 LO stations will be covered by the end of the year.

More on the story at T3 and The Guardian.


Faux Berry said...

wonder what the range is? (he says while cancelling broadband...)

Anonymous said...

yes, could be handy if you live in Jude Court.

mb said...

I read somewhere that it will be time limited and may not be 'free' once the Olympics is over.

I find 02 fine at Brockley.....lets not talk about Orange shall we? oops, too late.

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, time limited to 60 mins a day, which should be enough to cope with even the most erratic of services.

As for the "free" bit elapsing after the Olympics. Maybe, but it would be odd if it elapsed before it had even been rolled-out.

Anonymous said...

Seeing believing !

There have been so many great pronouncements about introducing grand wifi schemes in the past, yet they seldom amount to much of a service.

Boris, the local councils, now TFL.

I wish one of them would do it properly.

Anonymous said...

Not on the trains? So available when there's a 3G signal anyway and unavailable when there generally isn't?

Is it just me or are public sector levels of ability and just generally "thinking things through" leaking into the private?

Crofton Park Rambler said...

The Parable of the Gift Horse:

A man was once offered a free horse as a gift. He inspected the horse paying particular attention to the mouth. He reluctantly declined to accept the horse and has regretted this decision ever since.

He realised that in addition to offending the organisation that offered him the horse (thus decreasing the likelyhood that similar gifts would be offered in the future) that he had missed out on the net financial benefit of horse ownership (after the deduction of horse feed, reconstructive dentistry and other expenses) and all because he didn't know if the horse's tooth decay might mean that the horse would work as well or might die earlier. This was based purely on a previous bad experience when his hedgehog Spiky Pete had a tooth ache. What he had forgotten was that the chap who lived a couple of doors down from him knew a bit about zebras and they are practical horses but just a bit stripier. How could he have been so stupid?

Anyway I'm rambling - The moral of the story is "Never judge a book of free wifi by its coverage"

Anonymous said...

The moral of my story is "do your homework, think the solution through - make sure the carriages can get signal and not just the platforms. You know, like they have on trains everywhere all the time. So people can actually use it".

It's a good motto to live by.

Loudricous B. said...

Only fools own horses.

That's why they constantly offer them to passers by.

Zebras are difficult to train.

I know some of the neighsayers on this site will disagree but what would you expect from trotskyites of that stripe.

(Etc. etc. carry's on, in that vein, cut for brevity.)

You cant always get what you want.. said...

@Anon 20:00

The Gift Horse:
Free Wifi at stations

The Mouth:
No Wifi on the trains. Wifi limited to 60 minutes

Why you shouldnt judge the wifi by the coverage:

Be thankful that you're get something for free.
Wifi uses less battery on your phone.
Wifi uses less (none) of your roaming 3G allowance.
Wifi works on many phones/laptops that dont have 3G.

Wifi at a station is easy. Wifi on trains is much more problematic and expensive.

I for one welcome our new free wifi overlords

Anonymous said...

A broadband link and wifi router covering a station....well it is a start.

I once met the marketing manager from that 'The Cloud Outfit'.

It was at time when there was much hope and expectation regarding Wifi. Lots of folk with bright ideas to spread Wifi goodness far and wide. He presented many a cunning plan and hinted at big deals in the offing. Classified all the different types of potential 'subscriber'.

But the figures never quite added up.

I expect it will be useful as long as the finance is in place. I expect you will have to register and become part of a mailing list.

No such thing as a free lunch.

High Ho Silver said...

I am an o2 customer and had a couple of years free wifi in london via 'the cloud' - they recently finished the deal but it was a useful free service while it lasted...

The guardian article says you only need to register once on your first use.

Stats actually show that people are using their phone wifi more than 3g:

So you can all get down of your high horse now

Anonymous said...

If you try to watch any sort of video on 3G instead of Wifi, the reason is clear.

Whether people will be using their phones to watch video while standing on a station platform, I doubt.

The outpourings of the Grauniad should be qualified.

Brockley Nick said...

Just trying to download a newspaper article to read on my phone during a train journey is often beyond the ability of 3G to deliver. If Wifi can let me download something while at the station, before I jump on the train, that will be a net positive.

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