Brockley Central and South East Central on Pinterest

We've started playing around on Pinterest, a relatively new site which allows you to create a digital scrapbook of stuff you like. We've created pin boards for the following categories:

  • Brockley Central - good local things in Brockley itself
  • South East Central - good local things everywhere else covered by the blog and the forum
  • About Brockley Central - stuff that has been written about Brockley Central on other sites or stuff we've contributed to other sites about Brockley
  • Live the Brockley Central Dream - a board of things we like which have nothing to do with Brockley
  • FULL DISCLOSURE! - a board which provides an up-to-date list of clients that we are currently working on in our day job, so that at any moment you can check what kind of sinister plots we are hatching to dupe the people of SE4  
We're only just getting started and one of the limitations of Pinterest is that it does require the sites you link to to have decent size photos in the right format. So if there is a local business absent from the board, the chances are that it's its own fault for not creating a website or building one without any decent photos.

Please follow and we will add to it in the coming weeks.