Losing the thread ...

After a joyfully hectic Twitter conversation about possible locations in SE London where one could procure eyebrow-threading, BC thought that we might as well attempt to compile a comprehensive list. If your favourite threader isn't on here, do post about them in the comments ...

First off, Ladywell salon Geddes does threading. £11 for brows, at the time of writing.

Secondly, there is a threading stall in Lewisham Shopping Centre (outside Boots), mentioned on Twitter by @BrockleyKnits. @gilatab has used them and says they are 'fine, just not very private!'. @edibledormouse also uses them regularly, she says: 'It's fine. Don't expect conversation!'.

@SallyKate68 mentioned 'Happy Nails' opposite the Barge on Brockley Road, which apparently does threading (though there is no information on show to suggest this - you might have to ask specially). She says they are 'cheap but seemed OK'.

@TyrwhittAli has heard that the hairdressers next door to Fishy Business on Harefield Road do threading for £6; her contact recommended them.

There are also some not-quite-local options which might nontheless be convenient for readers:

Twitter user @chickle says that there is a lady in the big Superdrug on the Strand, by Charing Cross Station, who is good and cheap.

The department stores in Bromley do threading, according to Twitter user @getthriftycouk.

@Yvonne_Witter recommends Sumita Singh at Affable Therapy in Croydon.

@Fabhat and @Ayres_the_Baker (or rather, his wife and daughter) both recommend Blink at Fenwicks, in central London.

I personally (BrockleyKate typing) use Shavata at House of Fraser on Oxford St; @Molewife uses their counterpart at House of Fraser by Bank tube station.

Do any BC readers have experience of using any of these threaders? Who would you recommend?