Love Lewisham?

A BC reader wants to know whether she should make the move to Lewisham:

After 15 happy years it's finally happened - I've been priced out of my beloved Brockley. Needing to leave our current flat by April, due to the landlord's circumstances, I have just put down a deposit on a rental flat on Albion Way in central Lewisham. Local letting agents have simply had nothing available for our modest budget of 950pcm. So it's off to pastures new! 

The problem is now I can't stop thinking about security - the flat in Lewisham is ground floor with side access to a small back garden and overlooked only by a car park (the one behind the Salvation Army). Whilst I've spent many happy Saturday mornings trundling round the market, I've never spent much time after dark in Lewisham and have the impression it's a pretty desolate stretch. 

I'm concerned about me and my partner walking home at night - we're both female, late 20s - and the probability of mugged or burgled is pretty high, going by recent post code crime stats. I know this can happen anywhere and we're both very savvy, but I can't help approaching this new flat with trepidation as a result - it's slap bang in the town centre and, as I said, pretty exposed. What are your thoughts readers? Am I making a bad decision here do you think? Would you live there?