Sunflower Centre seeks part time receptionist

The Sunflower Centre writes:

We are looking for one or two people to cover reception at our complementary health centre on Thursday and Friday daytimes, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Email us at for more information.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of being paid in product?

"Yes, the tap's over there!"

Faux Berry said...

Can I just come for 1 shift for every 10,000 you pay me? I promise it'll be much more efficient. ;)

Anonymous said...

What kind of pay are you offering?

Mousanony said...

If you cant follow a simple instruction and use the email to enquire I suspect that you're not the talent they're looking for.

Anonymous said...

How Lovely!! Sunflower Centre is one of my favourite places to go and have been on many occasions for different therapies. Always feel more relaxed just walking in the door. What a fab place to work!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect as you can't punctuate that you're not either. It's good practice openly to advertise a salary (band) when you're advertising a position.

farukosk said...

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