The Big Bulb Plant

"And that was the only folly the people of Springfield ever embarked upon. Except for the popsicle stick skyscraper. And the 50-foot magnifying glass. And that escalator to nowhere...''
- The Simpsons, Marge vs the Monorail

There are world records and there are world records. The Friends of Frendsbury Gardens are going for an eminently achievable sounding bulb-planting record-breaking attempt on October 31st, but since it's an opportunity to remind everyone of the existence of this lovely pocket park, so much the better. A very small amount of dedication is what you need:

The Friends of Frendsbury Gardens in conjunction with The Rotary Club and Brockley Cross Action Group, will be planting 2500 crocuses at Frendsbury Gardens and other SE4 locations on 31st October 2010 as part of a bulb planting record attempt. This is also an opportunity to raise awareness about immunising children against polio, which is an objective of the Rotary club.

They aim to beat the current record of 331 people planting 5 bulbs each in an hour so need as many people as possible to come and support the attempt. If you are interested in participating, please contact: