Ingrid we trust? LibDems select Ladywell candidate

The Liberal Democrats have selected Ingrid Chetram as their candidate for the upcoming Ladywell by-election.

She says on her blog:

I am a single mother with 3 teenage sons and two dogs. Whilst achieving some academic success along the way I have continued studying part- time while working exhaustingly and raising my family with a good moral outlook on life, which is the best gift I can give them combined with judgement. Over the years I have seen my neighbourhood move with the times, although sadly not always ‘improve’ with them. It pains me that some things seem to be degenerating. With the proposed £60 million cuts announced by the current Mayor and his advisers, I fear that we will see yet a further decline to so many of our essential local services. This will threaten the underpinning of our community vitality and cohesion. I want to be a guardian of our local values and standards.

I have two disabled brothers in care and have had numerous occasions of stress when it seems like I was hitting my head against a brick wall to get their needs and my concerns heard. But thankfully, with one home closing in Brockley, we have found another home nearby (fingers crossed that they will be happy there). I have also worked as a Counsellor for 2 Drug and Alcohol agencies in Lewisham (supervising work in rehabs across the Borough and particularly 2 Supported Houses in my ward). I have also managed a Homeless Crisis Day Centre in Deptford, worked with disadvantaged groups of young people/gangs/prisoners, ex offenders, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence/sexual abuse and now work with mental health residents who are in supported housing. My work experience has taught me how degenerating communities can implode and how individuals can become delinquent, abuse substances and become criminal, which in turn can create victims. I am also a realist and know that services have to be paid for from what we can afford. The issue is to get our priorities right and this requires local consensus.

If selected and voted in as Councillor for Ladywell Ward, I believe that my knowledge, experience and judgement will enable me to serve you as your local community representative.

Ingrid is no stranger to Brockley Central, having put forward her case already on the site, winning some new fans before realising that she was in danger of scuppering her chances of nomination and asking for her posts to be deleted.