Ingrid we trust? LibDems select Ladywell candidate

The Liberal Democrats have selected Ingrid Chetram as their candidate for the upcoming Ladywell by-election.

She says on her blog:

I am a single mother with 3 teenage sons and two dogs. Whilst achieving some academic success along the way I have continued studying part- time while working exhaustingly and raising my family with a good moral outlook on life, which is the best gift I can give them combined with judgement. Over the years I have seen my neighbourhood move with the times, although sadly not always ‘improve’ with them. It pains me that some things seem to be degenerating. With the proposed £60 million cuts announced by the current Mayor and his advisers, I fear that we will see yet a further decline to so many of our essential local services. This will threaten the underpinning of our community vitality and cohesion. I want to be a guardian of our local values and standards.

I have two disabled brothers in care and have had numerous occasions of stress when it seems like I was hitting my head against a brick wall to get their needs and my concerns heard. But thankfully, with one home closing in Brockley, we have found another home nearby (fingers crossed that they will be happy there). I have also worked as a Counsellor for 2 Drug and Alcohol agencies in Lewisham (supervising work in rehabs across the Borough and particularly 2 Supported Houses in my ward). I have also managed a Homeless Crisis Day Centre in Deptford, worked with disadvantaged groups of young people/gangs/prisoners, ex offenders, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence/sexual abuse and now work with mental health residents who are in supported housing. My work experience has taught me how degenerating communities can implode and how individuals can become delinquent, abuse substances and become criminal, which in turn can create victims. I am also a realist and know that services have to be paid for from what we can afford. The issue is to get our priorities right and this requires local consensus.

If selected and voted in as Councillor for Ladywell Ward, I believe that my knowledge, experience and judgement will enable me to serve you as your local community representative.

Ingrid is no stranger to Brockley Central, having put forward her case already on the site, winning some new fans before realising that she was in danger of scuppering her chances of nomination and asking for her posts to be deleted.


BCY said...

In the Lib Dem's we don't trust.

She makes a statement about the councils cuts of 60 million, whilst claiming she's a realist! So what are her priorities for cuts, as she does not oppose them. These cuts are a knock on effect from her parties bed share on central government spending - the so called austerity measures!

Interesting that she requested past posts to be deleted from the forum. Can anyone shed any light on this? Sounds interesting someone standing for public office is covering their previous tracks!

Brockley Nick said...

@BCY - re: comments deletion, you misunderstand.

In the debate about the forthcoming by-election, she wrote in the comments section along the lines I have quoted in this article, saying that she would be putting herself forward for nomination. However, she then asked that the comments be deleted on account of the fact that she didn't want to be seen to be trying to pre-empt the local party's decision.

Monkeyboy said...

Her previous comments were almost identical to those above. I do wonder if the lib/cons will protect spending on addicts and young offenders though. Still given her work history it would be hard to accuse her of faking an interest in those who need help.

max said...

BCY, what nonsense!
I really hope people manage to break through the narrowminded party politics tribal poison that's the reason why political offices are half of the times occupied by people that range from mediocre to ghastly.

I know Ingrid personally and she's brilliant, she's got life experience in the bucketloads combined with the academic knowledge of the same subjects, I can't think of what more one would want from a candidate.

Well done Ingrid, good luck for the elections, I hope you get in (and I wouldn't say this for just any Lib Dem candidate).

Name said...

Some people have principles Max.

max said...

Sorry I'm not sure I understand what it is that you want to say.

BCY said...

Thanks for your response Nick, appreciated.

Max - I really love your assumption that I am party to political tribalism! Please step away from the earl grey, Gaurdian and get some fresh air.

I am angry with the Lib Dems and their love affair with the Conservatives, which will end on tears. This current arrangement will not help your friends campaign and will come back to note the Lib Dems at local and national level.

Name - Exactly, SOME people do have principles and some died fighting for them.

Brockley Nick said...

@BCY - no worries, I can see why the article could have created the misunderstanding.

Monkeyboy said...

Woha! Died fighting? Nothing like a measured retort and that was nothing like one.

No party has a great record on principles at the moment.

Westsider said...

It was Lewisham voting based on national party allegiances that got us in this mess in the first place.

It doesn't matter what the libdems do at a national level, they've always been a Janus party anyway.

What's she like as a person?

Monkeyboy said...

Well the, admittedly self penned, portrait suggests that she's no cynical political animal.

max said...

Died fighting?
Careful or you'll get an injury from that chip on the shoulder.

Really, to claim that the dead would have voted for one or the other is not even classifiable as nonsense, it's delirium.

Unless you're saying that thousands of people died in Iraq for the principle that you always clap your leader, even when he's leading the country to war on a lie (ask Harriet Harman for further details).

But to touch on the intellegible part of your comment, nationally the Lib Dems are where the electoral result put them, it may damage them, and credit to them that they're doing what the electors decided.
Or are you implying that they should break the coalition and go to early elections so that we then have a proper Tory government (because they are the only party that can finance another election) and sure massacre of Lib Dems anyway.

max said...

All major parties are Janus parties.
It's a bit depressing but those are the rules of the game, without broad appeal you won't go far, it's one of the most unappealing features of democracy but so it is.

Mb said...

Read an interesting comment by ken Clarke in the observer. Said that the main parties are actually coalitions. The spread of left/right in the two main parties is much greater than you would get in Europe where they much more defined in their beliefs and fragmented. suits there established coalition governments

Mb said...

Sorry for the poor grammar! iPhone......

max said...

It's I phone.

max said...

Hi MB, I read the article, rings very true, with some differencies but a major overlap the major parties all span from left to right, in fact some Lib Dems today even claim that Ken Clarke is in fact the sixth Lib Dem Cabinet Minister (link).

Lou Baker said...

Why are Lib Dems whining about their party being in coalition with the Tories?

The Lib Dems main policy is - and always has been - proportional representation.

And with proportional representation you will almost always get coalition government.

Elsiemaud Boy said...

So what's the deal then, we vote Ingrid and get Appleby?

Kind of what happened last time I voted Lib Dems..

max said...

Don't worry, you'll keep Bullock whichever way you vote, it's a Council by-election.

Elsiemaud Boy said...

Max - realise that. Kinda making the point that as a life long Lib Dem voter, I won't be voting for them again after what happened at the general election. Even at a local level.

max said...

I really can't understand what it is that the Lib Dem are accused of, arithmetically the electoral result gives you only one possible coalition government, either that or new elections, that only the Torie can afford, so that then we have a proper Tory government.
To trigger new elections would indeed be a betrayal of what said during elections, tha the Lib Dems would have worked with the party that got the most votes.

I'm not happy with George Osbourne either, but I have no nostalgia of the previous lot.

Anonymous said...

In terms of political parties didn't the Labour use to be described as being a broad church?

Brockley Green Party said...

We could be described as a broad bean church.

Monkeyboy said...

arf! at last a quality legume based gag.

Elsiemaud Boy said...

Max - do you really not understand? Do you really negate the opinion of party members who are saddened that Nick's quest for power put us in bed with the Tories? - and that we are now seeing a concerted attack on benefits for the underpriviliged that is supported by our own party? I would have much prefered us to go with a party that is far closer to our ideals than the COnservatives - or force another election.

max said...

I agree in part with what you say, I am a leftwinger and I do disagree with the economic policies of the government, and yet I cannot deny that what we're seeing is the result of the elections, Tories came first and the only possible government is this coalition. It's democracy, it sucks sometimes.
I would be horrified if the Lib Dems would prop up a minority coalition with Labour, that's not in the spirit of democracy, it wouldn't be an honorable course to take.
Besides, new elections would only give us a majority Tory government so new elections would be even worse.
I don't like this situation but I accept that it's the best among a limited and not great bunch of options.

I don't agree that the coalition is damging the vulnerable in our society though, we need a fair and efficient way to care for those that can't look after themselves but the system as it is now is far from delivering that.
For example I fully support the rethinking of the child credit system, it's just your tax money going back into your pocket, minus the administrative costs, but with the risk that they then ask them back if you earn too much, frankly we can easily do without that.

Where I mostly disagree with the government is on the size of the shrinking of public sector and public investment.

But besides economic policies on the civil liberties front this government is much to the left of the previous government. There are issues like the detention of children for example that are a shame on our country and this government is finally tackling, and that's thanks to the Lib Dems.
Ken Clarke's proposals for prison reform are way ahead of the backward, authoritarian and counterproductive Labour policies.

So, I'm not entirely happy, it's a mixed bag for me, unsurprisingly really since it's a coalition government.

BCY said...

Max, your clearly a bit of a pompous idiot!

Why make an assumption of ones politics from a post? I'm not a member or supporter of Labour (are you trolling?). Also, my reference to the fight are to ideals - I presume Nelson Mandella had a chip on his shoulder? I was not referring to dying in the war..?

Look, I criticised you candidate "friend" and you seem to have a Lib Dem bias. Get over it! As said, I do have an issue with them and the coalition.

Monkeyboy said...

I think labour were so terrified of annoying the Mail/Express axis that they jumped on the law & order band wagon. That was one of my big disappointments. On the spot fines, locked up with out trial, more CCTV, retention of DNA, ID cards.... They seemed to think that the half witted arguments (if you've done nothing wrong, you've nothing to fear or if it saves one life etc..) were sufficient. They're not, a society should exist with as few laws as possible not a hat full "just in case". It's amazing that the torys may now be seen as more liberal than labour, I wonder what the right wing press will think?

Anonymous said...

BCY... Politics is the art of the possible. Nelson Mandela saw that, he was a consummate politician. He compromised things in order to move things in the direction he wanted. His fight was not just defined by being locked up.

BCY said...

@anon, true!

max said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
max said...

BCY, let me reply in order:

"Max, your clearly a bit of a pompous idiot!"
I'll deal with this later in the post.

"Why make an assumption of ones politics from a post?"
Just think about it, if you make a political statement in witing then what I think of your ideas cannot be an assumption.

Reguarding the matter of your original comment frankly it's contradictory, you criticise Ingrid for not opposing the cuts when what she's saying is that we need to make sure that the cuts are applied fairly, which is all a Councillor can do, and that's what she's running for.
What you wrote in your first paragraph is a completely confused mumbling rant that doesn't say anythign at all apart that you oppose the cuts. Well, I'm not happy with them either, but unlike what you wrote in your post ("These cuts are a knock on effect from her parties bed share on central government spending - the so called austerity measures!")
I think that the bulk of these cuts are the consequence of an increase in spending and decrease in tax revenue, something that's got to be dealt with.

In your final paragraph intsead you just insinuate that she's got something to hide.

Now reading your comment as a whole why wouldn't anyone think that you've got a political axe to grind?
You skipped on everything she is or said and attacked her in a completely partizan manner, that's why I commented with a thought about the party political poison that filled up public offices with awful people only for being candidated by the winning party in the constituency.

You say I have a Lib Dem bias, well, I have a well known liberal bias, and I have supported the Lib Dems, that's where I know Ingrid from, but I consider myself free to support whoever I want irrispective of party belonging, I only support Ingrid for being herself and I am absolutely convinced that she'd be a great addition to Lewisham Council and would very much like to see her elected.

If the Lib Dems hadn't put such a strong candidate forward I would happily support Ute, who I also like and esteem, it is neverhteless the case that I really think that Ingrid is a rare person and perfect for the job.

Reguarding the nonsensical comment about ideals and people dying for it, you found that Name's initial and truly pompous nonsense was worth endorsing and reinforcing, honestly, how can you blame anyone for assuming (yes, this is an assumption) that you've got a big chip on your shoulder.

Rob Blackie said...

A long way back somebody asked what Ingrid was like.

I'm biased, as the Lib Dem agent in Lewisham Deptford in 2010.

But Ingrid was an absolutely outstanding candidate. She's done loads of inspiring stuff with her life, and worked on a lot of the difficult issues that government is often poor at handling.

So I'm taking a break from my usually quiet family weekends to come back to campaign for her.

Anonymous said...

Ute for Ladywell!!!

max said...

Hi Rob,

after reflection I decided I'll be coming out and help a bit with the campaign, I'm very busy with work so can't do much but I'll do what I can.

As I said before I wouldn't do it for other candidates but Ingrid has actually managed care centres and understands what cuts would mean in practice, at least one Councillor with her background is needed at Lewisham Council in the next few years.

It's very easy for opponents to criticize the Lib Dems right now for their involvement in the cohalition government and this means that her running under the Lib Dem banner makes it even harder for her to win, I could very easily mind my business, but I'm so impressed by her that I decided to come out and help her.

I don't look forward to knock on doors to hear abuse for the government cuts but I'll do it because it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Disgruntled anti-cuts Lib-dem's should vote Green.

drakefell debaser said...

Green Party trolls should give themselves a name.

Tamsin said...

Do the partners in a cohalition government knock each other out with the halitosis?

Algernon said...

Didn't Mr Clegg strut well on the international stage while his boss, or is it (political) partner, was on paternity leave (or was he?)

Martin said...

Is this the same Ingrid Chetram likely to be elected as a Tory councillor today in Seveonaks DC for Farningham Ward?

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