Fireworks appeal reaches £10,000 mark

Lewisham Council is renewing its appeal for Londoners to donate to the Blackheath Fireworks appeal. This year, on grounds of budget constraints, Greenwich Council cancelled their support for the November 5th event, which has been co-funded by the two boroughs for many years.

So-far, the public has donated £10,000 of the £35,000 target, with local companies like Glendale and the Clarendon Hotel chipping in.

The display is definitely on this year, with Lewisham Council committed to underwrite the event in any case.

To donate, click here.


darryl said...

Lewisham's asking for cash because Greenwich blew most of its money on a lavish bash for its mayor.

Headhunter said...

How about some of the public sector workers at Lewisham and Greenwich BCs who earn 6 figure salaries chipping in for the fireworks for the proles/council taxpaying mugs who pay their salaries?

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