Brockley - feeling the love

This quick summary of an hour and a half in Brockley on a Friday lunchtime is unashamedly one for the 81%.
1. Haircut in Bohemia Hair. Not sure how many bookings they've had yet but they seem to have been getting very positive interest. Lovely people. Nice environment. Successfully gussied up Barnet. 25 percent discount. What's not to like? They deserve to succeed.
2. The Orchard for lunch. Also much to recommend: the shredded chicken and avocado salad is a Good Thing, and good value to boot. Tap water served in bottles is a simple but welcome touch. Laid back music and free wi-fi add to the package. A very pleasant place to be.
3. Coffee at Browns on the way home. Would have been perfect even without the smashing pumpkin.
Brockley is a good place to be.