Hilly Fields update - Prendergast, Playground, Planting

Loads more great updates from the Friends of Hilly Fields about projects for the park:

1. Planning permission has been granted to Prendergast school for portakabins to be erected by the upper school on the grass. They will be there from half term for 18 months. Section 106 money might be available from the developers for work in the park. Greenscene are hoping to get funding for upgrading the tennis courts. Nothing is confirmed at this stage.

2. Funding of £3200 has been secured from the National Lottery under their Community Spaces programme to secure the sustainability of the new playground. Monies have been granted for: (a) story‐telling (b) workshops for children such as making birdfeeders (c) tools so that volunteers can help to maintain the playground and carry out community planting. This is to supplement the existing maintenance. The group is currently seeking volunteers to help with this work.

3. Funding of £1500 has been secured from the Forestry Commission Community Grant
Scheme for additional trees for the park. The idea was to buy medlars, pears, hazels and mulberries to supplement planting in park. The planting of the orchard will
take place in November – volunteers will be needed. Brockley residents will also be asked to adopt a new tree and ensure that each tree is well‐watered.