November deadline for Coulgate Street pedestrianisation plans

The proposal to part-pedestrianise Coulgate Street, to free it from the van-hire companies and out-of-towners that use it as a daily dumping ground for their vehicles, is being considered for a Local Implementation Plan, to be put before the Mayor in November.

The plan would allow residents and customers of local businesses to park, while creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment and a more attractive gateway to the area.

Cllr Darren Johnson has being lobbying for the plan and sent us this update from officers:

As you know there has for some time been a local aspiration to create a pedestrianised area or similar in Coulgate St and we commissioning a consultant (via the SELTRANS sub-regional partnership) to undertake feasibility, option appraisal and preliminary design. Taking any project further forward as part of the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) using LIP funding would have to be weighed against the needs, demands and priorities for such funding across the borough. Officers are currently preparing a draft replacement LIP for consideration by the Mayor and Cabinet in November.

If you haven't signed the Coulgate Street petition yet, please do so here. If we could reach 500 names before the decision, it would be a strong show of support.