The Bug Club, Frendsbury Gardens

The Bug Club is a new kids group starts that starts this Saturday, from 10am - 12pm at Frendsbury Gardens.

The Bug Club will meet on the first Saturday of the month, giving children a chance to explore the gardens to see what's happening at different times of the year. Everyone will get a chance either to make something to take home or something that can be used in the garden.

This week the group will be going on a bug hunt and making a "Bug Hotel" so that their new friends can keep cosy over winter (because we all know how vulnerable bugs are to exposure to the elements).

Everyone's welcome but there's a small free to help with costs, £1 per child and 50p for siblings.

For more information, contact Ema on: 07956 956 116 or by email:


Headhunter said...

Talking of which, why is it that there is an explosion in the Garden Spider population in Brockers every Sept/Oct? Every year the same. Every morning at this time of year I walk down the garden path to get the bike out of the shed and get a face full of spider web...

Tamsin said...

I think it is general, not just Brockley - gossamer (spider web sparkling with condensation as a cold night warms into day) is a traditional feature of autumn.

Just a guess, that all the little baby spiders hatched over the summer are grown up, spinning their own webs and feeding like fury. But we could go along to the bug hunt and ask.

And anyone know - do spiders hibernate?

Headhunter said...

But when I was a kid I remember Garden Spiders being around all year but here in Brockers their populations seem to explode around autumn time. Spiders must hibernate or they'd never survive snowy winters. They probably hide under stones and in piles of wood etc like insects. In fact didn't someone write here that it's a good idea to leave hunks of wood and sticks in your garden for insects and spiders as well as hedgehogs etc to hibernate/live in?

Anonymous said...

That's why there the stag beetle is an endangered species,people get rid of old wood logs in there garden where there larvae is.I believe it takes about 5 or 6 years to develop into a beetle.

Anyway £1 for a couple of hours fun sounds good to me.

Unknown said...

The Bug Clubs first meeting was great fun, the kids had a blast! Nothing like a bit of mud and creepy crawlies to get them excited. Our "Bug Hotel" was awarded 4* by Spirelli the Spider. We've put some photos on our Facebook page for those who are interested and we're meeting again this Saturday (6th November) 10am till 12noon.

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