Double boost for Brockley transport - more trains, later tubes

The Sydenham Society reports two significant improvements resulting from timetable changes that come in to effect on December 12th, including more trains from London Bridge and later trains on the East London Line.

The East London Line

A train will be added to the ELL evening timetable, so that Brockley residents will be able to stay out later. The lack of a service after midnight was the one disappointment when our lovely new tube service - TfL promised to look at options to address it. From December, the last train will depart Dalston Junction at 12.15am, reaching Canada Water at 12.31am, providing vital late-night drink-up time.

The London Bridge service

We spent much of 2009 arguing that the service reductions to London Bridge we experienced when the East London Line was introduced had nothing to do with the technical constraints put on the system by the tube service. From December, some of the trains lost in May will be restored.

There will be two additional evening peak trains between London Bridge and Crystal Palace at 17.24 and 18.24, adding capacity and frequency at rush hour.

There will also be an extra Saturday late evening London Bridge to Victoria train, leaving London Bridge at 23.52. The Sydenham Society says:

"This fills in a 30 minute gap after the 23.36 and means that there will now be six late evening trains from London Bridge after 11pm (the 23.06; 23.22; 23.36; 23.52; 00.06 and 00.36)."