The South Shall Rise Again: Cutty Sark Gardens and Ravensbourne College

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be documenting some of the biggest and most exciting changes taking place across South East London. From huge new housing projects to investment in the area’s heritage sites, this part of London is subject to many of the capital’s most ambitious plans.

We’ll start with two projects that hug the banks of London’s Mason-Dixon Line:

Proposals have been submitted to improve Cutty Sark Gardens [above], providing a new landscape setting for a restored Cutty Sark, due to reopen in 2011. says:

The designs include 6,540 sq m of new stone covering, less steps to a make it more pedestrian friendly, an interactive “wet floor” feature, clear cyclist route and green planters.

Meanwhile, Ravensbourne College’s £70 million relocation to state-of the art premises next to the O2 is complete.

853Blog has a report from the opening of the centre, noting that it now forms a belt of creative excellence that stretches to Goldsmiths, via the Laban Centre and Trinity College of Music.