Ute's turn if you want to - Greens select Ladywell candidate

From the Green Party team:

Lewisham Green Party have chosen former Ladywell councillor Ute Michel to be their candidate in the upcoming Ladywell by-election.

After the resignation of one of the newly elected Labour councillors for Ladywell, the by-election on November 4th will be a chance for the Greens to regain one of the council seats lost to Labour in the elections last May, when the party missed out on winning a seat in Ladywell by just 65 votes.

Ute Michel was a Ladywell councillor from 2006-2010 and was chair of the ward assembly. Accepting the party's nomination as by-election candidate, Ute said:

"I worked hard over four years to help individual residents and the local community, and I would be honoured to serve Ladywell again."

As a councillor, Ute supported local opposition to a betting shop in an area already full of bookies, and campaigned successfully to avoid cuts to social care services. She played a leading role in making Green amendments to Lewisham Council's budget and challenged council proposals. Outside of politics, Ute has worked as a research assistant in the European Parliament and for disability organisations and now works in the NHS.

Ute has the backing of the Green Party's national leader, Caroline Lucas MP, who made history in the recent general election by becoming the first Green MP in Britain. She said:

"As a councillor Ute Michel worked tirelessly for the people of Ladywell and worked tirelessly for a greener and fairer borough. I urge the people of Ladywell to vote Green on November 4th and re-elect Ute as their local councillor."

Darren Johnson, Green councillor for Brockley, said:

"This by-election will be a straight fight between Greens and Labour - the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were a long way behind last time. Quite a few people voted Liberal Democrat last time, expecting a new style of politics, but many are feeling betrayed that the Lib Dems have gone into a cuts coalition with Conservatives. If just a few dozen people switch over from Liberal Democrat to Green then Ute Michel can win in Ladywell and give residents the strong voice they deserve."


Anonymous said...

Don't I remember the Greens telling us that only they could beat Labour in Lewisham Deptford and also in Crofton Park ward?
Didn't the Lib Dems gain a seat from Labour in Crofton Park?
Didn't in the Deptford constituency the Greens come 4th behind even the Conservatives?
I think Ladywell voters can look at the policies and candidates and decide who the choice is between.

disenchanted voter said...

Cuts coalition?

Isn’t it is time for a bit more maturity in politics? A level of ‘cuts’ to public expenditure is required and will happen, whether we like it or not, but, rather than sniping from the sides it would be far more constructive if ALL parties worked together to ensure they are done with as little damage as possible.

The flippancy of Johnsons comment tells me that the Green party is not ready to be taken seriously.

Greens help locally said...

I wish I was in ladywell ward to vote for Ute! I had some issues with antisocial neighbours that she took a real interest in when I was there; and I think it very healthy to have some opposition in to the labour dominated council

Anonymous said...

Past elections
Local government elections - 6 May 2010
Declaration of result of poll

Election of borough councillors for Ladywell on Thursday 6 May 2010
I, Barry Quirk, being the Returning Officer at the above election, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each Candidate at the said election is as follows:
Name of
Candidate Description
(if any) Number of votes*
Vincent Andrew The Labour Party
Candidate 2462 Elected
Heidi Liberal Democrats 1022
Charlotte Eleanor
Rainger The Green Party 1845
Helen Elizabeth The Labour Party
Candidate 2250 Elected
Jonathan Matthew The Conservative
Party Candidate 623
Susan Rosemary The Green Party 1805
Helen Jane Community Need
Before Private Greed 503
Ute Martha The Green Party 1575
Roger Martin Liberal Democrats 753
Ruby Liberal Democrats 923
Tim The Labour Party
Candidate 1909 Elected
Alando The Conservative
Party Candidate 553
Mark Eric William The Conservative
Party Candidate 578
* If elected the word 'Elected' appears against the number of votes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:17
It isn't appropriate giving that result as it was held at the same time as the General Election which as we all know massively effects local election results.

To be fair the 2006 result should also be given when it wasn't held at the same time as the General Election.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Ute!!!

Anonymous said...

Ute is the lady for Ladywell!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:28...yes it would have been possible if the last election was a normal local election and not one combined with a General Election.

Anonymous said...

We now know that the Lib-Dems are in favour of massive austerity cuts which they didn't support before the election. They deceived a lot of voters.

Disgruntled anti-cuts Lib-Dems should vote Green.

Anonymous said...

Surely the reason that the Greens lost in Ladywell and Brockley was because they hadn't stood up to Labour in the council when it came to opposing Bullock's plans for Lewisham Bridge School, the Lewisham Gateway and the Loampit Vale luxury housing scam. There's only one candidate with a track record of putting the residents of Ladywell and Lewisham before big business interests: Helen Mercer of Lewisham People Before Profit. Whether she has a chance of winning is less important than the fact that she tells the truth and opposes the Lib/Con/Labour cuts.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Caroline Lucas' endorsement of Ute: when a councillor she did not work tirelessly for (all in) Ladywell. An issue I raised, via her Lewisham email address, did not merit even a polite response!

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