Come in Handley? Labour selects Ladywell candidate

Lewisham Labour have selected Carl Handley as their candidate for the Ladywell by-election, hoping to hold on to the seat which their candidate Tim Shand resigned. Handley is a familiar figure, having previously served as a Lewisham Councillor for twelve years. They say:

Labour has selected a community activist with a wealth of council experience to fight the Ladywell by-election in Lewisham on November 4th. Carl Handley who has lived in Ladywell Ward for over 30 years is a qualified football referee, a charity minibus driver and a school’s award-winning chair of Governors.

Previously, a Lewisham councillor for 12 years until 2006, Carl represented Ladywell from 2002 and chaired a number of vital council committees . A long-standing chair of Governors at the borough’s Watergate Special Needs School, Carl won Lewisham’s Best Chair of Governors Award in 2009 and is also a serving Governor at Gordonbrock School in Ladywell.

Carl previously ran a local SE London football club for 23 years and is also Vice President for Life of the Southern Sunday Football League . Currently Chair of the charity Lewisham Community Transport, he formerly worked in publishing and now works part - time for a long standing Greenwich-based welfare rights and independent living charity for the disabled.

Carl said: “I am honoured and delighted to be chosen once again to represent the Labour Party here in Ladywell. In these tough times, there are many battles to be fought on behalf of residents here and I am looking forward to being given this chance.”

Chair of Lewisham’s Labour Group Cllr Alan Hall said: “Carl is a champion for children, young people and all of the community. He is a tremendous asset for Lewisham and will be able to put his wealth of experience to good use as a Ladywell councillor."


Tressilliana said...

Interesting - I wonder why Labour didn't pick Carl at the General Election?

max said...

He's also one of the original Ladywell Labour Councillors that failed to represent the local community on the Ladywell Pool issue and lost his seat as consequence.

max said...

By the way, Carl, if you're reading this, I'm going for a swim right now:-)

Anonymous said...

From News Shopper May 2006

Mr Handley says the controversy over the leisure centre cost him the job he has held for 12 years.

But despite losing out the defeated ex-councillor still backs the decision to close the centre.

He added: "Most of the people who signed petitions opposing this don't even use the bloody pool.

"At the end of the day we all know it is going to be knocked-down. The sooner it comes down the better for me."

Anonymous said...

Wonder where Mr. Handley stands on Trust schools?

Hint, hint.

drakefell debaser said...

I get the impression that Labour is short of ideas here.

The party has already lost face by fielding a candidate that didn’t particularly want the job in the first place and then decides to replace him with one that lost his seat for not listening to his constituents.

Head-> Wall.

Anonymous said...

Ute for Ladywell! We need a more varied council. More Labour councillors would not help the political diversity of the Borough. It would help stifle debate.
Vote for real change. Vote for an experienced former Green councillor.
Vote Green for Ladywell!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment Ute . . .

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Ute it was an anonymous supporter.

lol said...

ok thanks for clearing that up Ute.

Anonymous said...

We need Helen Mercer People Before Profit for Ladywell, She is only Candidate who will stand up to the cuts,Howmany Ladywell Voters Voted Lib Dem to get a Tory Goverment? Why are Labour Supporting the cuts when across London we all voted against the cuts? Labour is therefore breaking their election mandate... Helen will And has always been active in Ladywell.. We need her on the Council, Greens always voted with Labour, Its People before Profit and Helen Mercer for me on Election day

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