Maraschino Photography, Tressillian Road

A typical scene of domestic bliss at BC towers
Joey: Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.. Okay, uhh…Look Janine I really want you to feel at home here, but some of this new stuff. It’s…too girly.
Janine: Ohh. Like what?
Joey: Like this. Pictures of cute babies we don’t know. We..we can’t have that.
Janine: Joey, it’s Anne Geddes. She’s a famous artist.
Joey: Look I don’t know this baby. I don’t know if she’s a famous artist or not. You know, and I don’t want to be a jerk but you’re changing too much around here.
- Friends, The One With Ross' Teeth
If you've spent the last 30 years on a Brockley bar stool, or your job is to provide an adequate number of school places in the area, then it may be hard to accept, but Brockley is now full of young families. Exhibit A is of course the Brockley Mess. We now bring you exhibit B - Maraschino Photography, a new studio on Tressillian Road. By no means exclusively dedicated to portraits of children, young families are nonetheless a key market for them.
Run by Kath Cherry and Mike Howells, we asked them a few questions about their new venture:
Why did you open a business in Brockley?
We ended up in Brockley because we had some friends here (they've since moved to Seattle and set up eat local) and really liked the area. we had a feeling that it was only going to get better and were drawn to the close sense of community, the green spaces, the quality of the houses and the sense that you were somehow not really in the hustle and bustle of London whilst only being a short train ride away. Also, we could afford it!
What's your studio like?

We have a residential studio - what was an unnecessarily cavernous lounge is now a fully equipped photographic studio with a choice of simple, modern backgrounds and an endlessly customisable lighting setup. It's easily large enough to handle a group of ten or twelve people. The decor is clean and neutral and examples of our work are hung on the hallway walls.

Why did you decide to take the plunge now?

Well, this is a tricky one, seeing as the papers are full of doom and gloom and economic meltdown. However, we believe that Brockley is an area with a strong sense of community identity that is not only on the up, but that supports quality artistic endeavour. Above all of this, however, over the last decade, Brockley has become our home so we'd rather spend our time here trying to serve and enrich this area than any other.

Click here to check out the studio.