When there's no more room in Hell, try Nunhead and Hither Green

Childs: What do we do now?
MacReady: Why don't we just wait here for a little while... see what happens...
- The Thing

If you're looking for things to do for Hallowe'en, here are some local-ish options. Or, if you live in Telegraph Hill, you could simply cower in fear of the headless hoodies on their skateboards.

Nunhead - The Old Nun's Head says:

***29.10.10 - Halloween Party***
A halloween menu, apple bobbing, some spooky decor and later on a ghoulish set from local DJ Dead Man Walking. Upstairs we will be playing a double header of 'Dawn of the Dead' and then 'Shaun of the Dead'.

***31.10.10 - Film Night***
We we are sticking with the halloween theme and will be showing 2 films:
7.00pm - Halloween
9.00pm - Paranormal Activity

Of course there will be popcorn and huge Fat Boy bean bags to sit on, so comfy you might just fall to sleep!

Hither Green - BC regular Max says:

The Hither Green Cinema Halloween Triple Bill is this Sunday.

The first film at 3:30 pm is the Corpse Bride (certificate PG) that's a perfect introduction into ghost stories for children that crave a thrill at Halloween. Doors at 2:30 with an hour of kids' entertainment before the film.

At 6 pm we have the Rocky Horror Picture Show and finally at 8 pm for those that think that if Halloween must be embraced then it must be done seriosly there's the truly scary the Orphanage.

For the intervals we have a bar with the delicious homemade cakes of the Golden Afternoon Tea Company and a karaoke machine loaded with a selection of Halloween classics.

The location is St Swithun's Hall, St Swithun's Road SE13 (off Hither Gren Lane and Ennersdale Road).


drakefell debaser said...

It is also the Magic Theatre Halloween special at the Rivoli this Saturday.

david said...

Have to say that as a TH resident (who is largely indifferent to a skatepark in the location currently proposed) I'm getting a little "over" the jibes directed at TH residents on this front in this blog - inclusive it ain't, notwithstanding it's "teh online home for all things .... TH".

There was (and in some quarters still is) a difference of opinion as to aspects of the skatepark. Harsh words have been used (on both sides). Some people are stuck in this rut. Others want to move on.

The powers that be at this blog seem to either want to make fun of those who (in most cases) were raising their genuine fears - we can debate whether those fears are well founded but even if they're not that doesn't make them less genuine (lots of people are genuinely afraid of sharks. Those fears are pretty poorly founded but I still don't make fun of them raising their fears).

No matter what happens not everybody is going to be happy with the skatepark outcome - on both sides. However, continued "poking" by the blog writers certainly isn't going to help those with differences resolve them. And, in the meantime feels like it's doing down the whole of TH.

That was all. Curmudgeon mode off.

Brockley Nick said...

@David - take your point and yes, I do want to make fun of irrational argument. I think it's important given the hyperbole often employed in local politics.

I don't think they have any more reason to be offended than the people of Nunhead or Hither Green, whose homes were likened to overspills for hell in the headline. It was a pretty gentle joke.

Anonymous said...

This blog doesn't do as much straightforward news reporting as it used to, instead it's more jokes and snipes and flippancy.

Brockley Nick said...

Nearly everything we publish is news or reviews. Occasionally, I throw in the odd joke, because there are only so many articles you can write about pavements and flowerbeds before you need something to lighten the mood. That has always been the case.

If anything, there is more "news" now, because we're better plugged in to what's going on.

Occasionally, I editorialise, because I have a point of view, the same as you.

Monkeyboy said...

It's kids to day, no one has time to read a serious publication. In the old days we could leave our doors open and we made our own fun....that and cholera.

[Feeble - check, flippant - check...]

max said...

Thanks for the plug Nick.
A great opportunity to quote Spike Milligan speaking about Heaven "I'd like to go there, but if Jeffrey Archer is there I want to go to Lewisham".
Heaven is code for Telegraph Hill of course. But for how long now.

Welcome to 2010 said...

So far this week thanks to this blog I have learned about...
The opening of a new hairdresser
The opening of a new studio
A planning application to a local shop
A secret gig by a great band
A new chef in nunhead
A couple of halloween parties
new trees at the station
a problem with teh gallery
changes to the bus routes

News? What news!? You people don't know you're born

Unknown said...

Not to mention the screening of Stanley Kubrick'sThe Shining preceded by the locally filmed short film Syrup at the Brockley Jack Film Club (www.brockleyjackfilmclub.co.uk) on Sunday 31 at 7.30PM...

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