Changes to 343 and N343 buses

TfL has announced that there will be a small increase in the number of 343 buses (London Bridge - New Cross) running between Monday and Friday, 7am - 7pm. Currently, one bus runs every 6.5 minutes. From February 2011, this will increase to one bus every 6 minutes, with one additional morning peak journey from New Cross to Catford.

Following complaints from some residents about noise, TfL has also confirmed that it is considering moving the start of the N343 route from Jerningham Road to New Cross Road. The end point of the route would not change. They have rejected suggestions that smaller buses should be used.

With thanks to Tamsin and Emily.


Arrgh said...

Does anyone know at which point the N343 will turn onto New Cross Road? At the moment it goes south quite a long way, parallel to below Crofton Park station ... if it turns up to New Cross Road earlier, a whole bunch of people have no night bus to get them home, including me.

I heart cupcakes said...

I'm confused by them putting more buses on this route. I work in Borough and live in New Cross and get the 21 home (the 343 takes much longer and doesn't go as near to my house). There is usually at least 2 or 3 343's for each 21 that comes along Borough High Street. I've only taken it once in the day time and it didn't get that busy - is it a popular route?

Easy rider said...

Southbound it is usually absolutely packed from the Elephant and Castle onwards in the evening rush hour, often standing room only. Doesn't really thin out again until after Peckham. So more buses on this route are welcome.

Hope they don't fiddle with the route. Moving it's starting point from Jerningham to New Cross Road would presumably mean it being further away from New Cross Gate station, the obvious interchange. Also Jerningham Road at the current terminus point is wide, and nobody lives on one side (it's the school).

Tamsin said...

There would still be the interchange with NXG station for the 3433 wherever the starting/end point of the route goes. Tfl were just having to look into the possibility of moving it because, although only one side of the road at that point is residential, for those residents having the stand there was grim indeed - the noise and smell of up to three or four buses running their engines (even though the drivers were not meant to do this) and the unfortnate drivers - with no other facilities to use - on occasion having to urinate on the pavement.

The buses might be packed between Elephant and Castle and Peckham - hence the suggetion of putting more on that section of the route - but they are virtually empty by the time they get to NXG, so it's a pity the franchise holder could not be a bit more flexible about things.

Easy Rider said...

Although the bus is quiet by the time it gets to New X it is the only bus between Tower Bridge/London Bridge and the whole area at the back of Nunhead (Ivydale Rd/St Asaph Road).
etc) and indeed the top of Telegraph Hill. I have noticed that the bus has got busier as more people are now working around London Bridge, for instance 1000s of Southwark Council workers have moved to Tooley St in the last year and the 343 stops outside their door. There is also the Shard building site etc. So it's good to see more buses on all parts of the route, likewise the 78 where passenger numbers are increasing for similar reasons.

Tamsin, if the terminus isn't Jerningham Road the stop would surely be further away from New X Gate station as it would need to be quite a bit further down New X Rd to the north. For weary travellers coming out at night from the train station its sometimes great to come out of the station and see a 343 waiting across the road.

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