Brockley Cross improvement funding approved

This week, the Mayor of Lewisham approved plans to improve the road and pavement layout around Brockley Cross and along Brockley Road. The minutes of the Cabinet meeting on October 6th provide a summary of the plans:

At the 16 September 2009 Mayor and Cabinet meeting, £300k was a agreed for the design and first phase implementation of proposals for Brockley Cross and Brockley Road in 2010/11. It was reported that the 1st phase works were to make adjustments to the roundabouts at Brockley Cross in order to improve safety.

The second phase would be associated public realm improvements. The second phase also includes action along Brockley Road to address motorcycle casualties, and proposed access, cycling and waiting and loading improvements along the shopping parade south of the Cross.

Brockley Cross is a scar on the conscience of Lewisham, while the road deaths on Brockley Road have highlighted how dangerous the current layout is. While it won't transform Brockley Cross in to Elysium, this decision is incredibly good news from the Council.

With thanks to Robert for the story.