180 Brockley Road plans reviewed this week

This week (Thursday), Lewisham Council's Planning Committee will consider the application to redevelop 180 Brockley Road. The report prepared for the meeting recommends that the development be approved, subject to some further points of negotiation and clarification.

We've picked out what we think are the most salient points:

On parking issues...

The works listed in the Transport Assessment can only be viewed as suggested works. These include:

• Coulgate Street to become one-way northbound from Foxberry Road to Brockley Road
• Widening of the footway on the eastern side of Coulgate Street
• Pedestrian refuge, drop kerbs and tactile paving on Coulgate Street at the junction with Brockley Road
• Rationalisation of the on-street parking on Coulgate Street
• Closure of the existing crossovers on Foxberry Road and Brockley Road and the re-instatement of the footway

These suggested works would result in a rationalisation of the existing parking spaces on Coulgate Street and would re-provide 13 of the existing parking spaces in the form of 6 short stay parking spaces; 1 loading bay; 2 drop off spaces adjacent to Brockley Station; 3 taxi spaces and 1 disabled space. Two further disabled spaces and a loading bay/3 short stay parking bay would be provided on Foxberry Road... The report concludes that there will be no adverse impact on parking as a result of the suggested works.

On the pedestrianisation of Coulgate Street...

It is very important to make clear that the Council’s Highways Team has confirmed that the works to Coulgate Street have received LIP funding and are scheduled for the 2013/14 financial year. The improvement works to Coulgate Street will go ahead whether or not this planning application is granted. The £90,000 S106 contribution set out in the draft heads of terms and earmarked to go towards these improvements will not be sufficient to cover the cost of the works on their own, but will serve to improve the scale and quality of the changes that the Council will be able to deliver.

On the commercial space...

Concern has been raised that the ground floor commercial space should be let to small businesses to add to the diversity and unique character of the area and create a thriving hub and shopping/leisure destination. As such, a condition is recommended requiring the maximum size of a single A1 unit to be 190sqm. This would ensure that the large commercial space fronting Foxberry Road is divided into at least two units to add to the diversity provided by the centre, promote small businesses and retain the unique character of the area.

The principle of high quality scheme which proposes a mix of ground floor commercial uses (that includes a retail element) and residential uses above and will make a contribution towards the much desired improvements to Coulgate Street will be acceptable in principle.

On the fate of the MOT centre...

The business will be looking to relocate locally to retain its existing customer base. Although this is likely to be on a smaller scale as the current site is too large. The tenant has confirmed that there seems to be some suitable sites available but it is too early to sign up to one of these.

In conclusion...

On balance, the development would deliver regeneration benefits and improvements to the townscape on a key site in the conservation area which is situated in a highly sustainable location. This application has been considered in the light of policies set out in the development plan and other material considerations including policies in the Core Strategy. Officers consider that the with the necessary conditions and obligations in place, the proposal would result in a high quality development that would support the regeneration Brockley Cross and the proposal is therefore considered acceptable.