Game of Drones

They may be the biggest threat to security and civil liberty ever devised, but drones are cool, as Alex Hewson's inaugural drone flight over Hilly Fields shows.


Alex said...

If anyone else got one of these for xmas I'm totally up for a dogfight.

Margot said...

Oi! Not in MY back yard - I'm right under the fightpath here, trying to get some sleep! I spotted a few Sky dishes in that footage too and I'm sure one of the people in the park was eating a sausage roll that wasn't vegetarian!

When will my serious concerns be heard as a matter of urgency?

Anon said...

please don't turn deadly drones into killers in 3rd world countries,and an amusement in 1st world ones

Drone squadron leader said...

I predict taking your drone for a cruise around the park will replace dog walking.

A bit like owning a hawk, but with more control and potentially more fire-power.

This could be the craze that gets the kids out of the house.

Drone wars....a potential Olympic sport?

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