Heathrow night flights a trial for Brockley residents

Brockley resident Elise Parkin writes:

Over the last several months I, and some of my neighbours, have noticed a dramatic increase is aircraft noise, especially through the night – often waking us at 4.30am.  We have contacted our local councillors and MP but have been told there is nothing they can do.

I have however, discovered that there is currently an “arrivals pilot scheme” (pardon the pun!) being run by Heathrow at the moment.  The effect of this is that Brockley is under one of the “Boxes” of areas which is now experiencing more aircraft passing by, starting from as early as 4.30am.  This trial period started on 5 November 2012 which fits in exactly with the disturbances I , and some neighbours have experienced, which seem to be getting worse.  It is due to compete in March 2013 although if it is considered a “success” it may become permanent.

We need as many people as possible who live in the area and are experiencing this disruption (or who simply want to support their neighbours) to log their complaints by calling this number: 0800 344844 or at noise_complaints@baa.com

All logged complaints will be considered when a decision is taken as to whether or not to make Brockley under the flight path permanent.