Meze less messy

The sea container has gone. The rusting box outside Meze Mangal on Lewisham Way, which was once the area's biggest eyesore, has been removed.

For a place that inspires such strong passions in those who live here, Brockley can sometimes look as though no-one gives a toss. With the clean-up of Brockley Cross and now this, all of the horrors we documented in 2008 have now gone.

The hulk was a relic from a period when local businesses thought there was no point in adopting airs and graces and Council planners actively encouraged them not to get ideas above the station. Those attitudes are changing and the Meze Mangal team have been nursing ambitions to expand their hugely popular restaurant for some time. For that to happen, the container, which was used to store wood for the oven, had to go.