New gym and cafe opens at Wavelengths

Fusion Lifestyle writes:

The first stage of a major redevelopment project at Wavelengths Leisure Centre in Deptford will be open to the public on Saturday 19 January. A state of the art 80 station gym, a new group exercise studio, an indoor cycle studio and brand new café will all open for business.

These extensive site renovations represent a significant investment by Lewisham Council in partnership with sport and leisure management charity, Fusion Lifestyle, which manages Wavelengths Leisure Centre.

Still to come are improvements to the leisure pool and changing facilities, an additional group exercise studio, brand new health suite with sauna and steam room as well as a soft play zone for children.

Local residents and existing members and users are being invited to try all of the new facilities for themselves during an open weekend at Wavelengths Leisure Centre, which will be held on 26 and 27 January.


Nicholas Croom said...

Anyone have any idea when the swimming pool will re-open?

Pete Thornton said...

I think they've said spring 2013 for the pool reopening. If you've got toddlers that can't swim yet it really is head and shoulders above all of the other pools in the area in my opinion. Went to Lewisham on Sunday and although we did have fun it definitely isn't as good for little kids.

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, Spring 2013 is the only guidance they will give at the moment.

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