Reliable Honor Oak in The Evening Standard

It's been WEEKS since the Evening Standard Homes & Property pages explained that the East London Line has boosted demand for property along its route. So here goes:

According to the latest data from Network Rail, the London Overground offers the most punctual service in the Britain. An impressive 88.4 per cent of its trains ran on time in the 12 months to December 8, 2012. Other rail companies, the worst offenders being CrossCountry and Virgin Trains, ran only about half of their trains on time in the same period. 

That's all the hook this story needs and they're off:

The Overground links up-and-coming leafy suburbs and semi-rural neighbourhoods with a country feel to key central London postcodes — in short, something for everyone...

London has many “nappy valley” suburbs that act as magnets for middle-class young families, and Honor Oak Park is rapidly joining the list. The area has affordable family homes which are drawing in flat-owners from central London attracted by the 1930s houses on the Kersey Estate — a three-bedroom terrace costs £425,000 to £450,000 — or the area’s well-preserved Victorian homes. A two-bedroom cottage would cost from £350,000, or you could opt for a four-bedroom period house from £500,000.

Families also love the area because of its open space — One Tree Hill is a pretty wooded park, and it is also an easy walk to the Horniman Museum and Gardens... The high street is small but rather lovely, with a selection of delis, caf├ęs and independent shops. Indian restaurant Babur is award-winning, and there is an excellent tapas bar...