Chinwag, New Cross

21 Lewisham Way

Ellie and Eren are the team behind a new bar / kitchen opposite Goldsmiths on Lewisham Way called Chinwag, which opened in late December. We interrupted their Christmas to ask them about it:

What's on the menu?

Our menu is bistro/cafe style, good homemade wholesome foods and our speciality is our burgers, made to order on a flame grill. Eren is the chef, he has been in the profession as long as he can remember as he grew up in his fathers restaurant in turkey.

What have you done to the place?

The building used to be home to Southern Fried Chicken and we had a lot of work to do. Initially, to save money, we both broke our backs digging up the concrete floors, ripping off generations of kitchen tiles and pulling down the ceiling whilst forming a grateful relationship with DIY YouTube videos. We also cheekily roped in all the local builders to point us in the right direction, including the new Sainsbury's Local, four doors down - the building site manager was a gem.

What's it like inside now?

The decor is arty but homely, most points of interest have been made by me and my partner like our wall mounted lights that are second hand bathroom/kitchen/outside taps that have lights placed into them to look like glowing water drops. There are a few hints of a London theme, including a front door made into a telephone box door and a toilet made to look like the outside of No. 10 Downing Street. We've used loads of wood and open brick work.

Why did you choose New Cross?

Eren has lived here since he moved to the UK 8 years ago and we live above the shops in this parade so it was ideal. I'm still a full-time student, studying law at Kings College London - so doing this was a bit of a curve ball for me, but why not eh?!

What are your opening times?

We're open from 9am-9pm. We are currently applying for our alcohol licence so hopefully when that comes it will be worth opening for longer.

What kind of crowd do you attract?

Obviously, being opposite Goldsmiths means we would be stupid to ignore the student market, so we made it arty specifically for them to enjoy - but we love having the locals/young professionals and OAPs as well! We hope it will appeal to anyone who enjoys some really good coffee or something great to eat in nice surroundings.


Michael said...

Wow looks cool!!

SamB_UK said...

Looks really nice! Looking forward to trying it out.

T's and C's said...

A fried chicken shop gone, a new independent business in - win! (Cue the retaliatory comments about mung beans and 'honest fare')

CKSE4. said...

Will definitely be going along to try it out and support new ventures in the area.

Ben said...

I have fond memories of SFC from my student days, crawling in after a night in the union to devour a two piece chicken meal. I even enjoyed the food when I was sober. The people who ran the place were pretty decent.
The new places looks great though, can't wait to try the burgers!.

brockleymum said...

Good luck with your cafe! I will be popping in with my kids to try it out.

NXG_Resident said...

Had a burger in here this evening. Quite possibly the biggest I've ever seen. It was really tasty too.

Gaëlle Laforest said...

I had a breakfast of granola, yogurt and compote. It was delicious! Really want to try the burgers. Everyone is really welcoming and the place is really well decorated. Loved how the menus were stuck into real books. 
However whatever you do, don't get orange juice. £1.50 for a glass of £1/pack orange juice from Iceland-- ridiculous.

Shortspin said...

I tried Chinwag out on Friday. I can safely say it was the biggest burger I've ever had! It was delicious (which is the most important bit). The venue's decor is really cool and the food was very reasonable: a giant burger for £6.99! A very welcome addition to New Cross

Aricana said...

I had lunch at Chinwag today and thought the decor and burgers were great too.  Must just ask them to warm/grill the bun next time.   

Guest said...

I love this place! Im a student at Goldsmiths and loads of us really enjoy this place to grab coffee and a bite to eat. Ill be seeing you later on today for lunch!

guest said...

I love chinwag! Thank you so much for bringing it to my life!

Stephen Dunne said...

Had an excellent fry up there at the weekend.

Not the cheapest by any means, but quality is always worth paying for.

Well worth the walk.

Mr Creosote said...

The rumours of a good nosh have piqued the interest of my tastebuds. An expedition to New Cross is on the cards. 

New crosser said...

Been waiting for places like this to open up in New Cross for a very long time! Now with the London Particular and New Cross Inn, finally we have some great food/pubs/coffee houses in South East London to cater for the young professional market. Keep it up guys we will be seeing you most weekends.

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