Gently job

Another local business is hiring. Gently Elephant's Helen writes:

We think that working at Gently Elephant is a bit special. For us it’s about offering a service people will remember (for all the right reasons), a naturally sunny disposition (nobody likes a misery guts) and a lot of passion and excitement about the things we sell (all of which we recommend without hesitation). If you think you’d fit in at Gently then drop us a line and tell us why. We’re not fussy about what you’ve done before, we just want you to want to work with us now. The only thing we ask is that you have some availability to work at weekends and, it goes without saying, that you must like our youngest customers although having your own isn’t essential.

We’re recruiting for some special people. One who will ultimately manage our store and others who are looking for a little part time work. Please attach a CV with your letter and either post to the shop or email to We very much look forward to hearing from you.