Walpole demolition 'imminent'

BC reader Bashredford reports that the Walpole pub in New Cross is due to be demolished shortly, to make way for a new hotel (above).

The pub closed last year and Fashsmash had been interested in re-opening it as a location for a pop-up restaurant, to follow the success of his Shoreditch roof-top pizzeria, Forza Win. Unfortunately, he reports:

I walked past The Walpole earlier and spoke to a guy working there. It has been closed as unsafe, with twenty years of damp and will begin to be demolished in the fortnight, with a 60 room hotel being built there as soon as possible. In the interim, nobody allowed in!

The news also means that he's still looking for a venue in the area for his restaurant. So if you can help him find somewhere, we'll get a pizzeria. BC tried to sell him The Tea Factory, but he needs a more temporary space.