January Ward Assemblies

Here are the details for the latest local ward assemblies:

Brockley Ward Assembly, January 24th

7 - 9pm
Myatt Garden School
Rokeby Road, SE4 1DF

The agenda covers:

- Hear about the latest developments regarding the proposed closure of Lewisham Hospital A&E and other
cuts to services.
- Receive feedback from projects funded by the Assembly Fund.
- Receive an update on the recently launched Brockley Youth Forum.
- News from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team

As well as what else is going on in your area. We would also like to use this meeting to showcase local projects, initiatives and groups, so if you are interested in participating, then please do get in touch.

Crofton Park Assembly, January 26th

10am – 11.45am
Crofton Park Community Library
375 Brockley Road, SE4 2AG

The meeting will finish early to enable those taking part in the Lewisham A& E march to get to Lewisham. The agenda for this meeting will be as follows:

Crofton Park Neighbourhood Forum Launch and discussions of:

- improving the local environment, traffic and planning, including the trees in Crofton Park project
- supporting young people and older people
- building a Businesses Forum for the Crofton Park ward
- creating Residents and Tenants Associations
- community events, activities and communication within the community
- Crofton Park youth assembly update
- Street lighting replacement in the Crofton Park ward an update by Skanska with Q and A
- Crofton Park Neighbourhood Watch, Crofton Park Safer Neighbourhood team and community updates form the floor