Clapham ELL carrying 1m a month

Monkeyboy sends us this update about our beneficent orange overlord:

The Clapham Junction to Surrey Quays link carried its one millionth passenger on Thursday 10 January - just one month after the new London Overground link opened. Chief Operating Officer, Howard Smith, said: 

"The popularity of the new service across South London is as we expected given that it connects the major interchange of Clapham Junction in the west with the developing area of East London. "Demand has been growing steadily since it opened as the new service offers a faster and more comfortable journey option to increasing numbers of Londoners." 

According to new Network Rail punctuality tables, London Overground as a whole was the most punctual UK rail operator during 2012, with 88.4 per cent of trains arriving within 59 seconds of schedule. Almost 120 million people use the London Overground network annually and based on the first month's figure the new Clapham Junction to Surrey Quays link is expected to add around 13 to 14 million passengers per annum.

Which seems like a good excuse to ask BCers whether the problems that they were braced for when the new line opened have materialised.

The first week of operation brought with it lots of confused Claphamites and managed to lure a few drunken Monkeyboys into accidental journeys west, but otherwise, we've not noticed any extra problems with crushing at Canada Water or extra crowding on trains from Surrey Quays. What do you make of it?