Two Lewisham fire stations face closure

The BBC reports that New Cross and Downham Fire Stations are threatened with closure in a review of the London service, which is due to go before the fire authority for a vote on 21 January. The BBC says:

Plans to close 12 fire stations in London, with the loss of 520 jobs, have been unveiled. The proposals, announced by London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson, are part of plans to save £45m over the next two years.

Brockley Councillor Darren Johnson is quoted in the report:

London Assembly Green Party Member Darren Johnson said the public were "desperately worried" about the proposed closures. Rather than cutting council tax the mayor should be providing the funding to keep these fire stations open," he said.

With thanks to Lep Recorn for the heads-up.


Max Calò said...

I agree with Darren. The Mayor's line that there has been a decline in fires in the last few years make him sound like there's some merit in actively trying to increase their number.

Jim Connell said...

Close the fire stations, the police stations, Lewisham A&E...See what happens when you don't vote Conservative.

Common sense? said...

What is the issue here?

Surely this is simply a reorganisation of a public service and it is not unexpected that it should happen every few years.  London is a dynamic city and resources need to be moved to the best locations to provide the appropriate service.

Fire service, police service, postal service, schools....London would be ill-served if they remained fixed in locations convenient to the staff rather the community they serve.

We pay taxes for these services and they should be delivered as efficiently and economically as possible.


Max Calò said...

There'll be 520 fewer firemen, hardly moving resources to the best locations.

Londons burning said...

The debate is full of statistics for anyone with a mind to wade through them all.

Fire deaths in London reduced by 40% in the last 10 years....that sort of thing.

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