Tea at the Opera

Lead Soprano and organiser of the event Annalisa Piazza writes:

We aim to help small charities raise funds through the medium of Opera, to also introduce Opera to the community through accessible shows, free entrance to children and support to Family Action and Building Bridges, by donating free adult tickets to these charities, to allowe poor families to enjoy an event together. Fof more information on this and other events, you may find us on www.facebook.com/projectopera


Nessun Dormobile said...

A lovely idea but they might want to reconsider the slightly Dickensian phrase "poor families".

Project:Opera said...

Sorry for my poor English: I simply couldn't think of a better word :-)
Building Bridges and Family Action expressed their desire for children who care for mentally ill parents to get out and enjoy life more. The families they support would not be able to afford a night out together and whilest the kids may get offered opportunities, I thought it would be nice to offer the parents the opportunity to go along too.
I hope you will come and enjoy the show!

Annalisa x

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