Take part in the 2013 Telegraph Hill Festival

On the New Cross Forum, Tamsin writes:

This year's festival takes place between Friday 8th March and Sunday 24th March. It starts with the Open Studios weekend and a week of "fringe" events in venues other than the Telegraph Hill Centre - then there's a full-on Festival week culminating in the Craft Fair and Cake Competition Saturday (23rd March) and a day of events in the parks.

If you feel you can contribute to the Community Show, note the registration weekend coming up - 5th / 6th January. If you have an idea about something you would like to put on, the Festival organisation can help you make that a reality. There's an "Event Information Form" to complete and return by 9th January (the programming meeting is Wednesday 16th Jan.). For a Word version go to the website and click on the image of the Form in the box on the home page.

The Festival also needs volunteers - for anything from programme delivery mid-February, via front-of-house personnel, bar staff or stewards at various events, to the mundane but crucial jobs of moving chairs and litter picking.


NC23 said...

Hello, would the above link to 'festival' also allow us to apply to participate in the Craft Fair? We promote craft skills & haberdashery in Crofton Park, SE4. Thanks, nicky.

Tamsin said...

Yes, go through to the info@ etc. e-mail and your enquiry will be forwarded to Jan Barker who  co-ordinates the Craft Fair arrangements.  No guarantee - it is sometimes rather over-subscribed - but please do enquire.

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