Night flight

Noise pollution campaigner Elise has been back in touch with an update about the problem of Heathrow night flights passing over Brockley as a result of a policy being trialed at the moment, which involves aircraft avoiding areas to the north and south of Brockley in the early morning (the issue is discussed in some detail here). She writes:

I have been speaking with BAA again today. They tell me that they “have received an increase in complaints from the Brockley area”. Thank you to those of you who have taken them time – please continue to do so. It is not too late yet! 

BAA also said “the changeover day occured last Sunday night/Monday morning, however this week aircraft have been using the Northern Runway (27R/09L), which means Brockley should be quieter in the early morning this week and next. It would be helpful if you could let me know if you notice a difference.” 

We can continue to log complaints by calling this number: 0800 344844 or at and including your name, address and postcode for the complaint to be valid.

Also, Cllr Darren Johnson has tabled a formal question to the Mayor of London, so the issue is getting more exposure:

"I have had numerous complaints from residents of SE4 about a significant increase in aircraft noise and early morning flights since Heathrow/BAA began a trial scheme of changed flight paths. Are you monitoring the impact of this trial and will you be making representations to BAA and the relevant bodies?"

Brockley resident JPM has also been speaking to the press office at BAA, the parent company of Heathrow, which comments:

The trial currently taking place has been developed with HACAN – which is dedicated to campaigning on behalf of those who live under aircraft flight paths - in response to feedback from communities. 

We are keen to listen to communities, including residents of Brockley, to hear what impact the trial is having which is why we welcome feedback. All feedback is logged and recorded.

If you want to know which flights are passing over your house, click here for a tracking service. If you type in your street name, and a specific date and time, it will show an animated view of which flights were arriving/ departing at that time. If you hover the cursor over each flight, it will give you the flight number, the origin, and the height at which it was flying.