Won't somebody think of the children? The Livesey to become a Treasure House

Back in 2008, we reported the news that the Livesey Museum for Children on the Old Kent Road was to close. The good news is that Southwark Council voted in November to lease the building to Treasure House – a community interest company which says of their aims:

“Our aim is to re-engage young people who have fallen behind in mainstream education. We provide a flexible, creative curriculum which is tailored to the needs of the individual student."

With thanks to Tamsin for the news.


bridgetmck said...

I think this looks like a good proposal. Just a note though, that there is still a hoop to jump through, which is the Charity Commission cypres scheme. The previous proposal, from Theatre Peckham, didn't get through this hoop. But there is a chance to support the Treasure House proposal, with a planned open day in January (not sure when), which should help:
“The Charity Commission has advised that it will consider preparation of a cypres scheme following further local consultation on the Treasure House

proposals should they be approved by Cabinet. Should Cabinet agree the

recommendations of this report, an open day will be held at the Livesey building in January 2013, giving local people an opportunity to see and discuss the proposals of Treasure House and to put ideas forward. [Council] Officers will capture feedback from participants to inform our response to the Charity Commission”


Livesey Friends said...


Southwark are holding an open day which is a chance for local people to meet the Treasure House Team and give their views on the community involvement aspects of the plans for the building.

Council officers will be on hand to capture these views which will be fed back to the Charity Commission as part of the process of developing a cy pres scheme (basically a new charitable trust deed for the building).

Do go along and if you can't go please contact the Friends of the Livesey with your views or Cllr Veronica Ward (the Southwark cabinet member for culture).

N.B - Theatre Peckham did not pull out becuase of the cy-pres scheme.  They felt unable to proceed when their feasibility study showed that the cost of converting the building for their needs would be too high for them to consider in the prevailing economic climate (in 2010) - see full statement at http://www.southwark.gov.uk/news/article/398/southwark_council_statement_on_livesey_museum

Tamsin said...

Correction, correction.  Liz Wilkinson has just e-mailed to say that the Open Day is actually 30th January.  Next Wednesday.

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