Liquor isn't working - a new bar for Deptford High Street

The Deptford Dame reports that Antic, owners of local pubs including Jam Circus, The Ravensbourne Arms and The Royal Albert, is planning another new pub in the area. The company has applied to convert the former Deptford Job Centre into a pub, which their website suggests will be called the Deptford Job Centre.

The move could be the tipping point for the high street, which has lost several pubs to bookies in recent years and struggled to attract much nightlife beyond the drinkers who gather around the anchor.

The High Street, which has a new public square at its heart, is due to receive a modest makeover, which should remove some of the clutter that conceals a handsome streets with enormous potential. With the new homes at the Deptford Project due to inject some more spending power in to the local economy by 2014, this looks like a smart move by Antic.

Recently, the Job Centre has served the home for itinerant arts group Utrophia who will move on to a new location soon.

With thanks to the Deptford Forum's Gema for the heads-up.