Family gardening day in Deptford

Sunday 3rd February, 12pm to 4pm
Old Tidemill community garden
Frankham street

The Assembly writes:

We are hosting a mums and kids-friendly volunteering day on Sun 3rd February to bring life to the Old Tidemill community garden in Deptford. Located in Frankham street, just off the Deptford library, counts a recently built tree house, a circular pond and theatre space.

Local families in Lewisham are invited to join cleaning, digging and planting seeds for the spring season. The Assembly aims to create a community space where kids can play and learn about plants, animals and design. Please wear suitable clothing for being outside and potentially getting a bit muddy.


Bigfried said...

So presumably its not dad's, grans, nans, aunts, uncles, carers etc friendly - what a limited view of a 'Family' gardening day.

Monkeyboy said...

I'm fairly sure you've presumed wrong.

Frankham said...

Funny how this 'community garden' is closed to the community MOST OF THE TIME.

Bigfried said...

 err...quote "mums and kids-friendly"...that's pretty exclusive.

Brockley Nick said...

That was my initial reaction too. However, I think what they were trying to say "we know these things are usually associated with blokes, but this event is also mums and kids friendly." Either way, it's not worth getting upset about.

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