The Brockley Consortium Case Study

Pinnacle PSG, one of the key partners in the Regenter PFI, which manages 1,800 homes in Brockley on behalf of Lewisham Council, has taken an ad out in the Guardian, to celebrate its many achievements.

In particular, Pinnacle emphasises its work to deliver high-quality customer care (for residents) and its consultative approach to working with the local community - highligting projects such as a new Butterfly Garden, a playground and an orchard.

This rosy picture jars with early accounts of the PFI scheme's performance. The Brockley PFI Leaseholders Association campaigned against what it argued were unfair charges and poor quality maintenance work for tenants.  Lewisham Council was also criticised by the National Audit Office for the cost of the scheme.

There's no opportunity for residents to comment on the Guardian site, so we'd be interested in people's views on how the well the PFI is performing now.