The Big Lunch 2012

As this sponsored video reminds us, the Jubilee Big Lunch day is nearly upon us (June 3rd). Brockley has held some good lunches in the past, but we're blowed if we can find the map which tells you what Big Lunches are this year, so please use this thread to promote any events you're holding.


D said...

We had ours last week on Rushford just to be different. It was brilliant - thanks to everyone who organised it all! Hope everyone else's are just as good this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Otford Crescent is on Sat 3rd from noon, Glynde St (rd?) is on Mon 4th

Adele said...

We are having a party on Malyons Road, Ladywell on Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Crofton Park Road is having theirs on Monday 4th.

Tamsin said...

There's a street party tomorrow (Saturday) in St. James (near the Hobgoblin) off New Cross Road.

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