Teatro Vivo and the Albany present The Odyssey

"Walk around Deptford for twelve quid? I could walk around Deptford for free. This isn't very inclusive, etc and so on."

Directed by Sophie Austin. Written by Vic Bryson, Sarah Sigal and Michael Wagg.
7th - 23rd June 2012
Tickets £12 / £7Concessions

A theatrical adventure around Deptford. A promenade performance that takes the audience on a man hunt down seemingly normal high streets and into the heart of this classic story. Help Telemachus find news of his father and experience an epic adventure.

Telemachus has invited you to join him at his Father’s house. Only his war hero Father is not there, he’s been missing for the last ten years.

Desperate to discover the truth, Telemachus asks you, the audience, to go on your own Odyssey and bring back news of wily Odysseus. On your journey you may come across gods and goddesses, nymphs and monsters, death and desire when an everyday high street becomes the back drop to some bizarre and brilliant stories. Expect a journey into the unknown, dress for the weather and let the adventure begin... 

Teatro Vivo specialise in collaborating with public spaces to tell classic stories to new audiences, and in the Olympic year we’ve been inspired to explore this epic tale. For the Odyssey, audiences will be led from Odysseus and Penelope's home to find and interact with various characters and situations around Deptford. Along the way they will find travelling bards and story tellers from our community chorus as we explore the contemporary relevance of this ancient poem.

Want to take part in the Odyssey? Join our Community Chorus by emailing info@teatrovivo.co.uk for more details.