Brock Snake Moan

Magnus photographed this snake as it rampaged through the Lair of the Great White Wyrm (Honor Oak) last night. It was last seen on a pedestrian bridge near the Honor Oak doctor's surgery and is most likely on its way towards Brockley.

Cllr Mike Harris knows precisely where and when this creature will attack next, but he is bound by a code of conduct which prohibits the excitement of ectothermic, amniote vertebrates and thus must look on, Cassandra-like, as the carnage unfolds.

One theory is that this is Flea, trying to make his way home to Crofton Park like a character from a particularly unsuccessful sequel to Homeward Bound.

UPDATE - On Twitter, Lou points out that this is a slow worm and a protected species. So in all seriousness, please be nice to it if you see it.