The new Deptford Station

The new Deptford railway station is ready - and very nice it is too.

Bright and airy to the point of draughtiness, it is now fully accessible via a lift to each platform. Unlike its predecessor, it is bright and well-lit and not-unpleasant smelling.

The station is still a building site, accessible from the high street via a narrow walkway between hoardings, but the effect is to turn a station that acted as a deterrent to Deptford's discovery in to one that does the area proud.

Delivered on-time a year after work began, it looks like a good investment by Lewisham Council, who contributed £5m to get it off the drawing board, following years of procrastination. The refurbished tunnel and view over the changing Deptford skyline are nice touches, although both are currently surrounded by piles of masonry.

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