Cooper's Bakehouse

Cooper's Bakehouse is a small local bakery serving Brockley and Honor Oak. We wrote about it last year, when it was looking for premises. Now it's up and running and they say:

Our bread is now available from Tuesday to Saturday in El's Kitchen in Ladywell; Pat-a-Cake's opposite Crofton Park station; and in the all new Nandi Nandi at the bottom of Honor Oak Park who also have a daily delivery of our croissants and patisserie. 

Home delivery is now available on Tuesday; Wednesday and Thursday to anyone who'd like a weekly loaf or two. We bake from a small wood-fired oven so the number of delivery slots is limited; if we can squeeze you in, we will. You don't need to be at home to receive a delivery and priority is based on distance, by bicycle, from the oven to your door.

Thanks to Monkeyboy for the details.