Turners Domestic Hardware

Turners Domestic Hardware 
309 Brockley Road 
020 8692 1304 

Thanks to BCer Melvyn for suggesting a thread dedicated to Turners, a place which has been a lifesaver for us on many occasions. He writes:

I've been lving in Brockley for about 25 years and not only was this shop here when I arrived, but  I still use it as frequently as I ever did. 

I used to bet with my flatmate at the time that something we required would indeed be in stock, against the odds that it should be. It almost always was. You don't get Sunday opening, but you do get around the corner convenience for the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

excellent shop - there's also a very good ironmongers in Ladywell village itself

Guido said...

They don't sell lint rollers, but apart from that - every request I've thrown at them, there's been a gentle response "yes, over there between the gloves and the toilet brushes" or similar.

Having said that, they've probably got lint rollers in stock now - that was over a year ago. If you are looking for said lint rollers -try the dry cleaners next to the petrol station!

Ali Kati said...

Let's see, over the years, I've bought:

- drain unblocker
- sponges
- wood stain
- flower box
- dustpans x 3
- garbage pans
- jerry cloths
- paint
- wood knot solution
- sandpaper
- duplicate keys
- batteries
- light bulbs
- duct tape

I'm sure there's more...

BrockleyKate said...

I love Turners. It's a treasure trove of minor household necessities.

NAT said...

Slotted screws, they still have an assortment of slotted screws, which I recently needed for...(No. Too boring)

dude said...

A real gem of Brockley, I went in a few weeks ago to buy some screws and walked out with a block of bees wax and instructions from the proprietor on how to make my own furniture polish. I got my screws as well.

Ian on the Hill said...

I love Turners. I have nothing else contructive to say, but I do. I love Turners.

Brockley Cross said...

Absolutely. Love Turners. So helpful and well stocked.

Anonymous said...

Ali Kati

Over what period did you need to buy 3 dustpans?
Were you unhappy with pan 1 & 2 or merely very wreckless and in the habit of misplacing them?

Anonymous said...

They are helpful and full of useful advice.

They seem to carry an amazing variety of stock.

Luckily this sort local shop seems to be immune from the predations of the superstore.

pip said...

An excellent store. But make the most of it while it's there - I have heard that the owners are hoping to retire in the not too distant future. It would be great if they could sell it as a going concern when that time comes, but finding a buyer may be hard.

dude said...

13:32 - has teacher asked to you to find out the average lifespan of a dustpan and what causes them to become redundant?

13:32 said...

No - it was just very specific. everything else was singular or plural but the dust pan was exactly 3. i was intrigued.

Tamsin said...

I likewise was intrigued by three dustpans the moment I read the post and would have asked the same question if someone hadn't beaten me to it.

I likewise love Turners (and any shop like them - one in Sundridge Park actually had spare tea pot lids when a friend of mine wnated one). Fuses, a loo seat, marble polish, masking tape, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

A dustpan that needs replacing 3 times is clearly dishonest fare.

However maybe it's one for the house, one for the conservatory, and one for the summerhouse?

Brockley Dogging Society - Vitctuals and Quatermasters dept. said...


We're still waing for the return of the bungee cords and any unused goose fat. No rush, leave it by the swings if you can't make the full moon bash.

Hillyfields said...

Turner's is an absolute treasure trove! I'm always nipping in there for some DIY bit or piece to mend something and they ALWAYS have it. Me and my husband also have silly bets on the likelihood of them having a particular bit that we need... but they never let us down. They even had a photocopier the one time I needed some photocopying (not sure if they still have that) but that was one time that I wondered if they'd be able to pull it out of the hat! We've relied on them for the past 25 years, what will we do if they go?? (And none of them look any older than they did 25 years ago either)

brockley gal said...

net hooks
net wire
hard brushes
clothes dye
mouse traps
advice and
caustic soda - great to leave overnight in the loo to remove limescale - as we have very hard water here (thames water told me it is second hardest water)

Dcat said...

We moved to Brockley last year and have bought lots from Turners for minor DIY projects. They are always really helpful - my DIY skills are fairly minimal but they've never tried to sell me stuff I don't need (and I must look fairly clueless). Love how you can buy individual small items rather than having to buy a whole packet. With Turnes and Sounds Around, Brockley easily meets all need for random items.

Dcat said...


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