Three days in May

This is due to be a big month for Brockley, with three grands projets due for completion in May.

The Hilly Fields cafe should act like a sponge for the area's young families, freeing up some floor space in the likes of the Brockley Mess and hopefully providing some temporary relief in the Forever War that wages between parents and non-parents there.

The Gantry will boost Brockley nightlife and bring the area's nicest (commercial) outdoor space back in to action for the summer.

And Gently Elephant will inject some more confidence into this stretch of Brockley high street, as well as drawing customers in from surrounding areas, to boost passing trade for other local shops.

No idea when we can expect Conway to finish at Brockley Cross, but you'd think it would be possible to complete the new scheme by the end of the month too...

UPDATE: As pointed out below, May should also see the start of Hilly Fields cricket.