Crofton Park Library launches electronics recycling service

Crofton Park Community Library now has a bin where people can dispose of small electrical appliances such as:

- Toasters, kettles and other kitchen and household appliances;
- Clocks, ratios and cameras;
- Video recorders, games consoles and music systems;
- Drills and other power tools.

The bin is situated inside the main entrance. Wiser Recycling Company is a disposal service and some of the proceeds will be given back to the library to provide much needed funds for the running of the library.

There is a separate bin, provided by Battery Back for the recycling of household batteries. This is also situated by the main entrance and batteries can be put in at any time the library is open. Mobile and other phones can be handed to library volunteers for recycling. The library still needs donations of books and computers for resale. The library has a sales area where donated books and computers are sold.