Crofton Park Library launches electronics recycling service

Crofton Park Community Library now has a bin where people can dispose of small electrical appliances such as:

- Toasters, kettles and other kitchen and household appliances;
- Clocks, ratios and cameras;
- Video recorders, games consoles and music systems;
- Drills and other power tools.

The bin is situated inside the main entrance. Wiser Recycling Company is a disposal service and some of the proceeds will be given back to the library to provide much needed funds for the running of the library.

There is a separate bin, provided by Battery Back for the recycling of household batteries. This is also situated by the main entrance and batteries can be put in at any time the library is open. Mobile and other phones can be handed to library volunteers for recycling. The library still needs donations of books and computers for resale. The library has a sales area where donated books and computers are sold.


Barbara said...

Now that's a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Presumably it's for broken stuff not just unwanted things?

Anonymous said...

Can I get rid of a Smoke Detector here?

Sally said...

This is excellent news for those of us that don't have a car -- Lewisham's sites for recycling these things seem to be some distance from Brockley.

I'd have thought it doesn't matter whether it's broken or just unwanted?

drakefell debaser said...

I'm glad someone has decided to recycle ratios ;)

Tamsin said...

If anyone fancies a trip to Bywaters where Lewisham's recycling is taken on the morning of Tuesday 19th June with a small party from Lewisham Pensioners Forum led by David Brinson of the Council's waste recycling team - and would be prepared to spread the word by blogging about it, do get in touch. We have one or two places left.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to recycle 3:2

Darren Taylor said...

Thank you so much for all your donations so far, it has been amazing. within one week the bin was full.

Also thank you for all the computers and laptops donated, we are now installing 100's of these into sheltered homes in the Lewisham area and giving training.

Please do not put the computers into the bins, these need to be taken inside.

Also an update - the roof are now being repaired, so that we can start to repair the insides.

Darren Taylor
CEO - Eco Computer Systems.

Milen Videnov said...

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