New Primary school at Prendergast Ladywell Fields College

Crofton Park Councillor John Bowen writes:

The Council's plan to build a new primary school on the Manwood Road site of Ladywell Fields College is now the subject of another consultation. The plan is to admit an additional 60 children every year from September 2013 until 2019 when the school will have its full complement.

Full details can be found here. If you have any comments, you should write to Margaret Brightman, Lewisham Council, 1 Catford Rd, SE6 4RU. At the same time, the college is working on its Travel Plan. This ought to explain how they intend managing the way pupils and staff get to the College as well as the impact on local residents. It provides a chance to let the College know what you think they should be doing by writing to Keith Surey, Bursar, Prendergast Hilly Fields College, Adelaide Ave, SE4 1LE.
With thanks to Alastair.


Anonymous said...

Presumably another lewiSHAM consultation - they really don't care what people think

THNIck said...

I'm being a pedant but are they really going to stop admitting pupils in 2019? Aren't some of going to leave?

Also, does anyone know what's going on with the proposed Haberdashers Askes free school?

Blythe Hill Spirit said...

Here's my response to the consultation. My son is going to go to school in 2012/13 and we live near so I have a vested interest. Mrs Brightman has been really responsive to date when I have contacted her, and even past my comments on to the head teacher who suggested we meet so it's worth doing!!!

1 Timescale

My understand is that the proposal will go to the Mayor in late July. If he agrees the proposal there will be 13 months to build the facility for September 2013 entry. While the Headteacher and council officers point to Lewisham's exemplary record on delivering building projects on time, it seems to me that given this very short time scale prospecitve parents would need to be given contingency plans should the building not be ready in time. Tidemill School's new building, for example, was delivered a term late - what would happen in those circumstances?

2. Security

In its initial year the primary phase will have 60 places for rising 5s, and they will be housed on the same site as the large secondary school. Will the primary part of the school be accessible to secondary pupils or will there be keycode restricted access? How will that be maintained? There are currently PCSOs on the gates of the school in the afternoon. Is this because there is a history of problematic behaviour when pupils exit the site? Has the school had to confiscate weapons or drugs from any of the secondary pupils?

3. Facilities

Obviously facilites for little children need to be different than those provided for the secondary pupils. Will there be separate toilets, dining hall, playground equipment for the primary school children? Will there be a different lunchtime menu for the primary school pupils? In the consultation document it is stated that "New buildings can be designed to enable provision for younger pupils to be located in separate areas from the upper school and with appropriately separate play space." Is this something that the LA and the school will commit to? Regarding the assertion in the consultation that " It needs to be stressed that the majority of pupils do not engage in bullying and can provide support and positive influences upon the
younger pupils," is this something that the LA has evidence of in a specific context of a an all age school, none is cited in the consultation documentl?

4. Extended day

Most Lewisham schools are able to offer an extended day in the form of breakfast and afterschool clubs, usually but not exclusively supplied by an outside contractor. These places are heavily oversubsribed and their services are complemented by local childminders who offer school drop off and pick up facilities. These services are crucial for working parents. I am concerned that if in its first few years as the primary school is growing there is insufficient volume for either contractors or childminders to provide extended days the places will not be available to the children of working parents.

5. Staff

Will the school recruit experienced teachers or NQTs, what CPD opportunities will be available to these primary school teachers? Where 'specialist' secondary teachers are involved in offering enrichment or core activities will they have training in appropriate pedagogies for working with very young children? I am concerned that the idea that "The secondary phase can provide excellent resources from the to enable specialist subject teaching in the primary phase, especially at the top end of Key Stage 2," doesn't take into account the specific skills required to teach young children
, and crucially, lead in the primary phase.

6. Early years

While there will be no nursery provision at the school, will itschool be involved in an Early Years Partnership?

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