1001 Arabin Nights

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous (rather than Anonymous), writes:

I have some serious concerns about dogs being kept on a small plot of land close to where I live on Arabin Road. The dogs are kept outside in a kennel with no bedding at all times of the year regardless of the weather, when the owners visits they are aggressive with the dogs and the dogs bark and cry all through the night, desperately trying to burrow themselves out of their enclosure. 

I have spoken to the RSPCA and Environmental Health. The RSPCA say they can’t do anything as the dogs have shelter and the Environmental Heath say they can only come out when the dogs are actually barking but that’s usually at around 3am when they don’t have anyone available to attend. I’m too afraid to approach the owners in case they become violent or damage my property. 

Other neighbours must be being kept awake all through the night too. I’d like to post about this on Brockley Central anonymously so I can find other people affected and hope that Environmental Health will take us seriously.

If you have been affected, please contact us and we'll connect you with anon.